New Restaurant, Bar, Hotel Launches

At KPR we believe it's important to strike a balance between creating excitement around a new opening, but ensuring there is enough of a soft launch phase to get everything working perfectly before the press launch party. We work with clients from day one to ensure long lead coverage, but can also be drafted in as emergency support if an opening is more last minute!

Whatever the situation, our clients are previewed and recommended in all relevant print and online titles, ensuring that when you do open your doors, there is a nice queue of people waiting outside to get in.

Restaurant, Bar & Event Reviews

Whether it's a new hotly tipped restaurant, a renovated and refreshed bar, a new menu, or a one-off music gig, Kapranos PR will ensure the right kind of press comes to review. From social media influencers and key bloggers to London reviewers and the most esteemed National food critics, our contact list is broad but tailored to each project we work on.

And although we can't ultimately influence exactly what these esteemed journalists actually write when they put pen to paper, we will work with our clients to make sure they are ready for reviewers, from soft launch to official opening.  

Menus & Dishes, Food Trends & Concepts

Food is the nation's new passion, and the press reflects that. We ensure our food clients are represented in a wide variety of press that goes beyond the specialist food pages.

From seasonal recipes and chef interviews to molecular master classes and unusual ingredients, from 1970s inspired menus and wild rare breeds to extreme garnishing and charcoal pizzas, we use all sorts of interesting angles to get our clients in the food pages.

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Beautifully designed bars, cutting edge cocktails and boutique spirits have fast become a passion for many Londoners, and at KPR we represent the finest brands and venues in the industry.

Whether it's a new concept bar, a renowned drinks specialist or a boundary pushing pop up menu, we guarantee coverage from drinks connoisseurs, up and coming online experts and the country's most followed style publications. Using drinks trends, unusual recipes and unique tasting events, KPR creates stories that inspire and excite the press.

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High Octane Parties, Summer Festivals, Secret Locations 

 From eccentric New Orleans themed extravaganzas and 1940s Blitz Parties to secret masked balls and circus events, Kapranos PR is proud to look after some of the world's most innovative happenings. We work with leading travel titles, music and fashion press, listings and lifestyle magazines to ensure that people have heard of our parties well in advance in order to get their outfits ready. As well as previews, our events are reported on across the world through television, online and radio.

As well as parties, we also manage our own events, and look after launches of all kinds of descriptions, from screenings and fashion shows to Red Hot gallery openings and European music festivals.

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At Kapranos PR, we work with some of the most exciting names in the world of Music, Literature, Art, Comedy and Theatre. From multi-faceted live entertainment venues in Soho, East London jazz bars and Literary Salons to National tours of world renowned Artists and household names, KPR's Arts & Culture clients are as varied as they are talented.

Working regularly with publishing houses, and more specialist PR teams, we ensure new releases make an impact in the news and in the press outside of the usual literary reviews. We help our music clients move away from the niche music websites and limited cultural music sections and into the broader spectrum of lifestyle press coverage.