Restaurant + Bar Consultancy

Anne Kapranos has worked in the food and drink industry for over 12 years and overseen countless launches and openings in London and across the UK. Kapranos Consultancy can consult and advise on a project from start to finish, from finding a site and recommending the right builders and architects, to helping develop a menu and creating a concept that not only makes sense commercially but stands out within a crowded restaurant and bar scene. With the addition of a strong, long lasting marketing and PR strategy, our three-pronged consultancy covers all the bases needed to launch a new food and drink brand in this competitive market.



Kapranos PR works closely with reputable builders and innovative architects who between them have created some of London's most iconic restaurant and bars. We are also the go-to agency to source flexible venues for promotional events, pop ups and food and drink residencies.

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From creating Landlords Packs and writing compelling promotional content, to putting together brand guidelines, organising photography and helping design eye-catching menus, Kapranos PR has the tools, contacts and trend insight needed to create a strong brand identity.

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marketing + pr

Local area marketing, social media management and a wealth of in-house promotional activity are combined with strong press contacts and highly successful PR campaigns to ensure broad ranging yet targeted brand visibility long after launch.