Get in the Ring with Lucha Libre

On July 9th - 11th, Londoners got to witness 'The Greatest Spectacle of Lucha Libre' at York Hall. Stepping into the Hall last weekend was the closest us Londoners could get to a true authentic Mexican experience without actually leaving...(which would be incredibly hard, even if we wanted to given the largely inconvenient tube strike). 

Fans were chanting in Spanish - when they weren't guzzling down Jose Cuervo Margaritas -  and flags were waving as the masked 'Luchadores' stepped into the ring to face off against one another. Highlights of the night were the famous 'exotic' Cassandro, and one of the most notorious legends of the wrestling world, El Hijo del Santo. It was the experience of a lifetime for fans, and non-fans alike. 

Long Live Lucha Libre!