Recent Coverage Highlights

Below are some of our favourite pieces of press we secured last month. From Eve Wrestling to The New Generation Festival, the coverage really shows our diverse range of events clients, and how we can use our varied contacts within both specialised and mainstream consumer press to achieve high profile pieces. We hope you enjoy reading our best bits!

Moya Crockett, from, wrote a long read about femininity, body image and empowerment following her transformative experience at Eve: Riot Grrrls of Wrestling.

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EVE founders Emily and Dann Read appeared on BBC Breakfast to speak about women’s wrestling and their upcoming EVE wrestling matches.

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Time Out included the ‘Sounds Familiar Music Quiz’ at Skylight in their weekly ‘Things to Do’ round-up.

Time Out_ August 27_Feature_Skylight.jpeg

GQ Japan covered the New Generation Festival in a feature on world festivals held over summer 2019.

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The Telegraph included Ridgeview Vineyard in a piece on '20 Great Boozy Days Out’.


High Life, the inflight travel magazine for British Airways, featured The Savoy in a beautifully-illustrated article on afternoon tea.

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Lonely Planet included The Savoy in a round-up of the 10 best afternoon teas in London.

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Londonist’s Lydia Manch wrote a praise-chocked review of the Beaufort Bar’s newly-launched cocktail menu.

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The Nudge gave similar praise to the new menu concept at the Beaufort Bar in a review of Music, Magic and Drama.

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Courier featured Coupette’s autumnal cocktail Punk in their bi-monthly print magazine.


The Islington Gazette interviewed Zia Lucia founders Gianluca D’Angelo and Claudio Vescovo on their new pasta venture Berto.


Evening Standard included Berto’s launch in their weekly ‘foodie news’ round-up.

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