June's Best Bits at Kapranos PR

We’re settling into the summer at Kapranos PR having had a busy few weeks since the beginning of the month, with new arrivals on the pizza scene, Mexican luchadors and a nautical themed restaurant, this July promises to be an exciting one! 

Here are some of our best bits in June…

1. Shortlist featured the ‘seriously good’ Mussel Men, their new menu and secret garden opens for the summer months. 

Shortlist - Mussel Men

2. Mexico came to East London for the incredible ‘Lucha Libre’ event, which caught Time Out’s keen eye.

Lucha Libre - Time Out

3. EasyJet Traveller features exciting new opening TRADE UNION, a great new hub that offers a one-stop preening and socialising destination.    


4. Islington welcomes the new Zia Lucia pizzeria and their famous charcoal pizza dough as featured by Foodism magazine.    

5. The Evening Standard featured Kansas Smitty, a ‘glorious den of jazz and juleps’, in their round up of the ‘Best Bars in London’.

6. The Savoy featured in the Sunday Telegraph's coverage of the royal birthday celebrations with expert tips on the perfect royal afternoon tea. 

7.  Picking up on the charcoal trend is Country & Townhouse’s piece on Zia Lucia’s pizzas in Islington.