You say potato... we say HIPCHIPS!

HOT POTATOES - New Crisp & Dip Concept Comes To Soho

Launching on Old Compton Street in late October 2016, KPR client, HIPCHIPS is setting out to reinvent the potato and bring an entirely new dining and sharing concept to Soho. Pairing hand-made potato crisps with a diverse range of delicious savoury and sweet fresh dips, HIPCHIPS will transform the way Londoners consume this everyday British classic.


HIPCHIPS is coming to Soho very soon and already Londoners are super excited about the arrival of the city's very first crisp and dip cafe. News of a conveyor belt serving up freshly made crisps  from 5 different varieties of potato and a huge range of savoury and sweet dips has got tastebuds zinging and tongues wagging. Check out what people are saying below...