Do The Hokey Poké

The Hawaiian poké trend is booming; Ahi Poké and Eat Poké at KERB fulfilled the summer cravings for light salads with plenty of zing and with Island Poké opening in Soho next week this trend shows no sign of slowing down.  

Masquerading as just another basement bar in Hackney, Behind This Wall in Hackney is using its tiny kitchen to create a refined raw bar menu which focuses on poké bowls that draw flavour inspiration from evocative autumn flavours. 

The stand out dish is the visually stunning Clam Chowder with black rice, switchel glaze, lime pickled onions, lemon sea foam, Chesapeake seasoning and toasted pumpkin seeds (£7) 

The menu has been created by the multi-talented young Alex Harris: Co-founder, Head Bartender and Chef at BTW and these gastronomically complex dishes, which wouldn't look out of place on a fine-dining menu, are all created in the bar's tiny kitchen. The perfect accompaniment to their breathtakingly innovative cocktails...